The #1 Health Item To Take With You Traveling

November 12, 2018

The #1 Health Item To Take With You Traveling

Looking forward to a well-deserved upcoming vacation or getaway?!

And isn't it the BIGGEST BUMMER when you finally get to your fantastic destination and start to relax... And then you get SICK. Ugh.

What could be worse than spending your hard earned vacation over the toilet and laying in some foreign bed shivering and wishing you were back home?

This is why one should NEVER leave home on vacation without this... The #1 HEALTH ITEM that should be in everyone's overnight case!! OIL OF OREGANO is nature's medicine chest in a bottle!!

We take it in oil form and in capsule form! Love that it's available in 2 convenient ways!

- Natural Antiseptic
- Natural Antibiotic
- Natural Antiparasitic
- Provides defence against biological toxins
- Destroys unfriendly bacteria
- Natural defence against airborne and foodborne germs and infections
- Naturally boosts the immune system
- Prevents and fights bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections
- Provides natural pain relief from arthritis, and from muscle and joint pain 

This powerful natural remedy contains CARVACROL (its primary active ingredient) - which is one of the STRONGEST ANTISEPTICS known to man (yes - laboratory tested!).

Recommended Brands
OIL FORM: Wild Mediterranean Oil Of Oregano (100% Certified Organic)
CAPSULE FORM: Pure-le Natural Super Strength Oil Of Oregano Organicaps

Trust us... Taking this HEALTH GEM with you is worth it. Every. Single. Time.


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