Our Latest Column In Best Health Magazine - The 'Strong Body' Issue

April 12, 2019

Column In Best Health Magazine - The 'Strong Body' Issue - The Food Fix That Boosts Energy

BEST HEALTH MAGAZINE is a GOLD WINNING magazine and the TOP magazine for Nutrition, Health and Wellness info and advice! Get your hands on a copy and load up on TOP TIPS from various Experts!

We LOVE this FABULOUS magazine - have for YEARS - and consider it a total HONOR to have our own regular column as the Dietitians and Nutrition Experts in the "Best Advice" section!

The April/May issue of Best Health Magazine was just released TODAY - YAY!! - and it's HOT!! It’s the ‘Strong Body’ issue and includes our column on THE FOOD FIX THAT BOOSTS ENERGY! We highly recommend taking a read as we share tons of amazing foods you will want to eat to give yourself a daily BOOST of ENERGY! (And we could all use increased energy on the daily, wouldn't you agree?!)

We're confident you will LOVE the 'Strong Body' Issue as it's also loaded full of top tips for how to feed your skin (hello BEAUTY foods!) and for starting (or ramping up!) your workouts!

Want the full issue?!! Order yourself a subscription at besthealthmag.ca
or check out BEST HEALTH MAGAZINE on AppleNews+!

Here's to healthy living with energy and vitality!


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