March 08, 2019


WATERCRESS...this mineral-rich green leafy vegetable is a SUPERFOOD!

Its nutrient potential is top notch ~  research shows it to be even HIGHER than kale! It is a cruciferous vegetable POWERHOUSE that may be new to you...but it has been a SUPERFOOD for centuries!

Watercress has a high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants ~ all contributing to the amazing health benefits of this wonder food!

Are you noticing a patchy and uneven skin tone? These issues may show an underlying concern of poor circulation ~ resulting in a lack of blood, oxygen and nutrients getting to the skin. Numerous health issues may arise from this including hair loss to darkening of the skin. WATERCRESS is a health and beauty superfood that can help with this! Watercress is high in iron. As iron is required to make hemoglobin, the part of the red blood cell that transports oxygen to the body's organs, the body and the skin receive more oxygen from red blood cells when adequate iron is consumed.

Being rich in calcium and iodine, it helps prevent a dull, lack-luster complexion! It is also an excellent source of magnesium, one of our favourite minerals as it helps to stabilize hormonal imbalances, lower cortisol levels, reduce stress and improve your sleep pattern (and many more health benefits!). These all affect the health of your body and your skin!


▪ Helps prevent breast cancer
▪ May prevent colorectal cancer
▪ Improves functioning of the thyroid gland
▪ Improves cardiovascular health
▪ Improves bone health
▪ Rich in Calcium
▪ Rich in Folate
▪ Acts as an antidepressant
▪ Helps to prevent stroke
▪ Helps to prevent cognitive disorders
▪ Rich in Vitamin C
▪ Improves brain health
▪ Reduces oxidative damage to blood cells
▪ Improves eyesight
▪ Helps to prevent the common cold
▪ Improves skin health

What does it taste like? Watercress has a bold, potent, peppery spiciness and flavour, similar to arugula, and a crispy texture! To maximize on benefiting from its most potent essential nutrients, it is best eaten fresh and raw (as some nutrients are lost during cooking) ~ enjoy in salads and on sandwiches! It may also be delicately cooked ~ this brings out a softer earthy flavour - so add it to soups or pastas!

Now that you've been introduced to this gem there is no longer a need to be a stranger! ENJOY this powerhouse superfood to bring some excitement to your food and improve your health at the same time! Your body will THANK you!


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