Let’s dive into the first two initial points in CREATING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE...


One of our greatest goals as Dietitians is to help people establish and achieve a respectful, enjoyable, balanced, healthy and joyful relationship with food and eating! We are passionate anti-dieters and love to share this mindset with our clients! We encourage you to use all of your senses in choosing to eat foods that are nourishing and nutritious to your body while also being satisfying to you, with NO guilt! Giving yourself permission to eat what you choose, with no restrictions placed on yourself, opens the ability to eat a variety of foods ~ hello diversity! We allow our bodies to help guide our choices, we experience how we “feel” when we eat different foods and we learn how to make healthy and balanced choices! We learn to navigate our body’s cues for hunger and satiety (feelings of being full) and this impacts the choices that we make. Diet-culture has impacted many of us throughout our lives, and now is the time to look above the hype and the mistruths and truly learn how to heal our bodies, and our relationships with food, by listening to what our own bodies are telling us! We believe in teaching others to eat when they're hungry and to stop when they're satisfied. Let’s learn to live a life of peace and freedom with food! 


You are uniquely designed - there is no “perfect” or “ideal” size. Your “Set Point” is unique to you and it is the weight that your body naturally goes to, when you’re eating healthy and being physically active on a daily basis, where you feel and look your very best. The exciting part? It’s different for everyone! So many people (especially women) get caught up on the scale number. Friends, the number on the scale does not matter as it is not a true reflection of your overall health! What matters then? How healthy your heart is, the state of your immune system and microbiome (your ability to fight off disease), how much energy you have, and your personal narrative (how you view yourself and how you talk to yourself = the story you tell yourself is what you believe...)
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